We have a busy time ahead of us and we would love it if you can join us in the following activities.

The Eastern Goldfields Historical Society in conjunction with WA Museum will be holding an Exhibition called Remembering Them. Our Exhibition is to be at the Hannans North Tourist Mine in July 2016 to coincide with the 100 Anniversary of The Western Front.

The people chosen are Stephan Grace, a breadwinner for his Mother, who is also a prolific letter writer. His letters go from Jubilant times with the boys at Black Boy Hill, to his journey on the ship to England, to the front in France where he tells his brothers not to come as it is not what it seems. You can find Blackboy Hill Memorial Site, pictured left, at Innamincka Road, Blackboy Hill, Greenmount, Western Australia.

Raymond Leane the Manager of Pellews in Boulder. His time in Boulder was with what we call the CMF, he heads to Gallipoli, where he writes to Mothers of Sons who have lost their lives, he goes onto the Western Front and when arriving back finds his wife has moved back to SA. He received a Knighthood for his services to WW1. He also enrols in WW11 as the Home Guard. He becomes the Commissioner of Police for South Australia.

The last person is Clare Stephanie Fitzpatrick who was a Staff Nurse at the Kalgoorlie District Hospital. On going through some writings of Norma King I found a transcript of a diary that had been found at Rawlinna. Clare Graduated as a Staff Nurse from PMH, came to Kalgoorlie and then decided to enrol as a Nurse for the War effort. The Diary tells the journey over and time spent in India before going to Egypt. She tells of sometimes being the only Nurse for 80 Soldiers. She contracts the Spanish Flu and came home working on a Hospital Ship.

To view a list of some of the men who enlisted from the Goldfields go to our Services page.

A few weeks back some members of the Historical Society visited the Museum for a Social Outing. The morning was very informative and we found out what was in the Big shed out the back of the Museum and what treasures were in the DeBenarles room.

A visit to the Museum is a must. The DaVinci Exhibition is excellent. It shows all the inventions that he invented which are being used today. Lots of hands on exhibitions for children to get involved in. In the next weeks we will invite the Museum staff out so they can see our operation.

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